Monday, November 3, 2008

Disney & Halloween

Being that I'm home from work due to the flu (or some kind of bug), I have a little extra time to do a new update! Of course, I would much rather be at work than feel crappy, but at least you all can see some new photos!

I love this picture of her flying in the air. She doesn't get this at home since our ceilings are so short, but the ceilings at Disney were great! She probably thinks this is the greatest ride at Disney!

We had a great trip to Disney last week. We stayed at the Old Key West Resort and ventured into the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. This was technically Olivia's second trip into Epcot as Richard took us to the Japanese restaurant for Mother's Day, but we didn't actually walk around the park. This time, we walked the entire World Showcase and even ventured up to the front of the park to do Journey Into Imagination and take photos at the character spot (those photos will be added later as we had to order them from the Disney photo pass site).

Although I have had great success getting her to wear a hat every time we go out in the sun, getting her to wear sunglasses has been a challenge. Granted, I'm not as consistent about trying as I was with the hat. But she's at least willing to put them on for a few minutes at a time now. And she looks so cute in them!

Olivia loved meeting all the characters! She especially loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse and was completely mesmerized by them as soon as she could see them from our place in line. At the Magic Kingdom, we had dinner at the Crystal Palace with Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, & Piglet, so she got lots of character pictures. She also rode Dumbo with Daddy, the Golden Carousel with Mommy, and we all did Small World together (and Olivia sang pretty much all the way through). I have a video of her singing...the video is dark, but you can hear her and it's really cute! She also sang during the parade. She really seems to love music now and has even started bouncing to songs.

On our last day there, we went to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping and I showed her a Mickey doll. She grabbed him and went nuts hugging him and chewing on of course we had to buy him! She still thinks he's the greatest thing and spends quite a bit of time each day hugging Mickey and carrying him around the house.

For Halloween, she was a green M&M. Daddy visited the M&M store in Vegas when he was there in February and bought her the outfit, and the size was perfect for it to be her Halloween outfit. So we visited the M&M store in Orlando and bought shirts so that we could be an M&M family! And it seemed only appropriate that we get yellow and blue shirts since yellow and blue make green! hahaha

We also got her a little green M&M doll that she could carry around, but she mostly just chewed on it. So far, I have yet to find a color that does not look good on her!

Olivia had music class on Halloween and, of course, she wore her outfit. She's really blossomed in the class and loves singing, playing the instruments, and interacting with the other kids. She really enjoyed the drums that day, and I was able to get some cute photos of her playing and singing.

As always these photos just scrape the surface of all the photos we took. But you can see more at our Kodak Gallery site!

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