Wednesday, March 26, 2008

6 Month Update

Olivia went for her 6 month check-up on Wednesday, and we are growing an amazon woman! She is 28 inches long and is basically off the percentile chart for height! She is 18.6 lbs, which the doc said is perfect for her height, but it's also in the 95-97 percentile. She is still hitting every milestone right on time.... she's rolling over both ways, she passes objects between hands, she babbles, she sits supported...she's doing great! She's been eating rice cereal every morning, but she doesn't really seem to like it. So the doc said to go ahead and try veggies and fruit and see if there is a better response. She opens her mouth and takes the spoon, she just lets most of the cereal fall out of her mouth. So today we tried sweet potatoes...success! She didn't spit any of it out! So we'll keep doing sweet pototatos and add in another veggie next week. She's obviously getting plenty of nutrition from the formula, so we don't have to worry that we're starving her.

Easter was very low-key...just had dinner at my mom's along with my sister and her family. Olivia got an Easter songs CD, a "my first Easter" bunny/bear, and the Runaway Bunny board book. Next year we'll do her first Easter egg hunt!

In the next few months, Olivia should be sitting on her own and possibly crawling. For all we know, she''ll go straight to walking! We are also teaching her sign language, and she loves to see her name finger-spelled. I can't wait to see her do her first sign! More news next month...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

5 Months Old!

As of last Sunday, Olivia is now 5 months old! I weighed her on our home scale and she is now 17 lbs 6 oz, and I measured her at 26 1/4 inches! She still loves blowing bubbles, she is discovering more of her toys (though hiding under the cloth diapers we use for burp cloths is one of her favorite things), and she still gets a big kick out of us singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She discovered her toes a few weeks ago, but she has now found that she can get them to her mouth! Gotta admire the flexibility! This is definitely another picture we can torture her with when she starts dating! :-)

And she's enjoying her Baby Einstein activity jumper...especially her own reflection!! She is so adorable, can you blame her!?! I love that she gives me so many great opportunities to use my photography skills to take fun pictures!!