Sunday, April 20, 2008


I've created some photo collages of three photo series I did of Olivia. They are too cute to not post! And it also dawned on me that I never posted her Easter Bunny that's here too.

Celebrity Photos

One of the nice things about working at a university is the lecture series that we have. Being that I am also part of the committee that plans the lectures, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet many of the celebrities who have visited campus. I couldn't pass up the opportunity for Olivia to meet her first celebrities... Ronde and Tiki Barber! Ronde plays football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tiki used to play football for the New York Giants and is currently a correspondent for the NBC Today show. They have also written books.

The guys were both very nice, and both commented on Olivia's cheeks! Tiki is in the photo with me, and Ronde is in the photo with Richard (it's hard to tell them apart!)

We told the guys that Olivia said she would never forgive us if we didn't take her to meet them...they found that amusing! And you can tell she's completely unfazed by their celebrity status... :-)

6 1/2 Month Update

For the past month or so, we've been attempting to introduce Olivia to solid foods. After several weeks of her rejecting the rice cereal, the doc said to go ahead and try fruits and veggies. So began the journey from sweet potatoes, to squash, to bananas, to applesauce, to pears, to peaches...and she ultimately rejected all of them! I finally gave her some of our mashed potatoes one day, and she loved them! She has now been eating them for about a week, and we've even mixed in some sweet potatoes and she still liked them! So we don't know if the mashed potatoes were the miracle food, or if she was just finally ready to eat.

I also decided to give her one of those teething biscuit cookies... although she loved it, there were bits of cookie everywhere! After spending about 15 minutes cleaning cookie out of every crack and crevice of her hands, arms and face, I STILL found more under her neck. I'm beginning to think she bathed in it when I wasn't looking! However, it made for some humorous photos, especially when she turned to look at our cat, Leo, and turned back without holding onto the cookie. Too cute! She definitely enjoyed it though!