Saturday, May 24, 2008

8 Month Update

It's been a busy month for our little 8 month old. Not only is she sitting up like a champ (once we put her in that position), she rolls, Army crawls (we call her inch-worm), drinks from a sippy cup, drinks from a straw, and is getting really good taking steps while we hold her hands. She wants to stand all the time now, and she has fun walking back and forth between me and daddy, and standing propped against the ottoman. She has also started picking out her own toys to play with from the toy basket we keep in the living room, she turns the pages when we read to her, and we have discovered that she is ticklish when I use my toes to tickle her side, or when daddy chews on her heels. Her giggle is still the cutest sound on the planet!!

She loves eating Cream of Wheat mixed with fruit for breakfast, mashed potatoes mixed with veggies for dinner, and she loves chunks of banana. She has also eaten pieces of toast and cooked pasta. She has four teeth now too! She's a good eater, and at her doctor's appointment this week, she was 19.6 lbs.

We were at the doctor's this week because she had her first cold (which mommy now has). So we had a couple days with a cranky baby who was exhausted but who didn't want to sleep, and who had a stuffy nose. Once we got the humidifier going in her room, we saw a dramatic improvement in her breathing. She still has a bit of a cough, but she is back to her bubbly self.

I had the joy of experiencing my first Mother's Day this year! Richard took us to the new Japanese restaurant at Epcot, and gave me a lovely necklace. The photo of the two of us was taken a the restaurant. It was a REALLY hot day!! It was Olivia's first visit to a Disney theme park, and we entered through the back of the park, went straight to Japan, ate, and left. Thank God for season passes!! Half the restaurant was commenting on how cute Olivia is, and how well-behaved! I still say it's all in the parenting.... :-)

Although she's not talking yet, she seems to understand alot of what we say, and she gets REALLY excited when she sees our youngest cat Leo. We are convinced that her first word will either be Leo or Elmo (who she plays with while on the changing table). We're teaching her sign language too, and can't wait to see what her first sign will be. We know that the next few months will be full of all kinds of new milestones and can't wait to see what she'll do next. We'll keep you posted!